Advantages of NextJS for headless WordPress implementation

Website development has been very easy and convenient in the monolithic approach using traditional Headless CMS. However modern websites are created using NextJS with several benefits as mentioned below.

Seamless UI designing

React facilitates the construction of “Components,” which are module-like chunks of code. These elements represent user interface elements and can be reused across multiple web pages. React is “declarative” in nature, which means it can do most jobs with little input.

  • The front takes less time to develop.
  • Developers have more time to focus on essential functionality
  • Developers may complete unit testing more efficiently, ensuring that no system crashes occur.

Virtual DOM

The Document Object Model allows NextJS to improve the scalability of online apps. Before rendering the final web page into the browser, React uses its memory reconciliation method to represent the document in virtual memory.

  • It takes less time for the first page to load.
  • Removes the need for code-heavy frameworks such as jQuery.
  • Maintains the web pages’ lightness and fluidity.

SEO benefits

A good SERP position is all about content. React improves the speed of a page’s loading by a factor of ten. Users can expect more traffic to arrive and stay with the content if the website loads faster. React adjusts its performance based on current user traffic, which is something that other frameworks struggle to do well.

  • Improved traffic management capabilities.
  • Improved website rendering speed and a great user interface.

Easy to migrate

Migrating the frameworks is undoubtedly the most difficult part of any website. The majority of frameworks are terrible at managing transformations. Apart from the time it takes to grasp the future edition, it necessitates specific training for the developers. In this case, React appears to be a really versatile alternative. Upgrades to later versions of React-based web apps are possible without shutting down the system.

  • Upgrading the framework version is simple.

Combines well with the technologies

React works nicely with CSS, which aids in the creation of high-end web interfaces. It’s API-friendly and can easily be extended across several frameworks, allowing you to take advantage of the latest technology.

  • APIs allow users to get the most out of “Omnichannel presence.”

Client requirements

Individual business owners are challenged by a competitive market to come up with unique ideas, whether in terms of appearance or services. The client, who owns a well-known company that provides cable services and on-demand TV channels to its customers, wanted to give them something special. The following were the conditions they wished to see implemented:

  • The client wanted to be able to manage the content area of their website on their own without interfering with the main design (CMSe’s).
  • The user interface maintains its high level of engagement.
  • The page will be loaded in a different way.

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