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  • Jamstack vs. WordPress — the facts

    There was a time when WordPress was popular, even now, some may swear by it. But no one can disagree that the 17-year-old PHP monolith is inherently slower, unsafe, and on the verge of being phased out in favor of newer technology. What is Jamstack? The phrases “headless cms” and “static website” may be familiar […]

  • Things you should know about migrating to headless WordPress

    Modern web development with headless WordPress as the backend only management system extensively benefits businesses with great SEO performance and other benefits. Organizations are being forced to review their digital platforms because of changing market trends and business requirements and to cater to the growing range of devices capable of receiving content.  Several trendy businesses […]

  • Advantages of NextJS for headless WordPress implementation

    Website development has been very easy and convenient in the monolithic approach using traditional Headless CMS. However modern websites are created using NextJS with several benefits as mentioned below. Seamless UI designing React facilitates the construction of “Components,” which are module-like chunks of code. These elements represent user interface elements and can be reused across […]

  • An introduction to the headless architecture and modern web

    Headless is a cutting-edge web development technology. It is not a programming language or a tool in any way. It is more of a web development approach intended at ensuring better performance, more security, cheaper scaling costs, and a better developer experience. Introduction Headless with static frontend is a client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt […]

  • Headless WordPress Website Maintenance

     For a secure, long-lasting website, proper website maintenance is needed. It enables the identification of problems early on, resolves them, and ensures that the website remains functional and beneficial. To maintain stability and well-functioning, all WordPress sites need some degree of maintenance. WordPress is still improving. The core team is constantly adding new functionality, fixing […]

  • Why should you move to headless WordPress for your website?

    Your website is the business gateway, make it more efficient by changing it to the market requirements and visitor’s approach using headless WordPress Development.  Today’s digital market and audiences demand more than just a simple website with several images, videos, and illustrations, with heavily increasing web traffic and online businesses creating a market-competitive website, is […]

  • Why a Headless WordPress CMS Can Give You Greater Content Management 

    Why a Headless WordPress CMS Can Give You Greater Content Management 

    Understanding how a headless content management system (CMS) works and the value it gives content-creating teams can be a time-consuming process, but it’s one that can pay off handsomely for the appropriate businesses.  There are a lot of views, ideas, and buzzwords floating about when it comes to content management and headless CMS, and distilling […]