Jamstack vs. WordPress — the facts

There was a time when WordPress was popular, even now, some may swear by it. But no one can disagree that the 17-year-old PHP monolith is inherently slower, unsafe, and on the verge of being phased out in favor of newer technology.

What is Jamstack?

The phrases “headless cms” and “static website” may be familiar to you. Jamstack is a web approach for creating static websites, which are the websites of the future. The Jamstack is not about anyone’s technology. It is a revolutionary approach to developing websites and apps that offer improved speed, security, scalability, and developer experience. 

You might have seen or worked on a Jamstack site before! They are not required to include all JavaScript, API, and Markup characteristics. They might be made using hand-coded sites, or with static site generators like Jekyll, Hugo, Nuxt, Next, Gatsby, or another, and all of them all have a common factor of not using the webserver.

Because Jamstack websites do not rely on a public database, they are inherently more secure than WordPress sites. They do not expose scripting, and they don’t have a single point of failure if served by a CDN. It is unnecessary to explain the significance of having a fast-loading website. 

A fast-loading website improves user experience, boosts user engagement, improves SEO results, and helps your company meet marketing objectives. Using the Jamstack architecture to design your website is a simple approach to gain the above-mentioned benefits of a highly performant website.

Top Brands Are Going Static

In the web development business, using current headless CMS and static websites may lead to some extremely exciting and lucrative results. Even the most prestigious brands are abandoning front-end static-based generators. Consider Braun eCommerce, Airbnb Sites for Developers and Designers, or Nike’s Just Do It Promotional Website. ‘Static’ is simply the way to go these days. Your website will be light, quick, and most importantly, secure.

The best aspect is that you’ll spend less time building and more time maintaining your home. All of the explanations presented in this document show how effective front-end solutions have been since 2011. ‘Going static,’ regardless of the programming language you choose, is one of the best WordPress options for developers and businesses.

Jamstack is a better approach

Excellent performance

Because there is no database, there are no time-consuming numerous queries. Static sites are up to 10 times quicker than dynamic sites.

SEO Advantage

Going static also implies greater ranking opportunities, which translates to more visitors and revenue.


Static websites that do not need plugins or databases are like fortifications. Furthermore, a more secure location equals lower security costs.

No-sweat content management

Headless CMS’es allow you to create a website that is both simple to use and completely customizable.

Reliable uptime & lower costs

Is there more traffic than usual? This is not a problem. Website uptime is guaranteed with Jamstack marketing. And it is not prohibitively expensive.

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