Things you should know about migrating to headless WordPress

Modern web development with headless WordPress as the backend only management system extensively benefits businesses with great SEO performance and other benefits.

Organizations are being forced to review their digital platforms because of changing market trends and business requirements and to cater to the growing range of devices capable of receiving content. 

Several trendy businesses are migrating from simple CMS platforms like WordPress and Drupal to headless CMS approaches. A headless CMS setup represents the longer term of content management.

Why your old website is not working

Before you stress over the fact that your clients blame you for a poorly performing website, let us recommend some doable steps to reply to the current common problem. As you recognize, several things play a role in a website’s performance, and we’ve collected some reasons a website stops operating properly. Be proactive and educate yourself, and your visitors too, on why websites fail.


Website speed not only depends upon your hosting server and website traffic, but it also heavily depends on the technology and the structure it is built on. The websites were created with a monolithic structure, with backend and frontend on the same platform. 

Managing increasing traffic

The web traffic has greatly increased and websites are unable to manage this global traffic load over their simple and traditionally build websites and hosting services. 

In-secure website

Sometimes it’s obvious to the visitant that your website has been hacked. For example, the hacker might amend text on your website or transfer photos to that. alternative times a visitant to the positioning might not notice the difficulty. In any case, having malware on your website could be a serious issue. The websites based on the traditional CMS based on the monolithic structure are also insecure and exposed to SQL injections. 

Old design patterns

The website contains good content and images used to work well, but now it’s not only about the images, global audiences appreciate some animated images, videos, gifs, and icons, and the website also offers more and yet loads fastly.

Browser compatibility

When the website masses however don’t show properly, it should be that you simply have a browser issue. Before creating a website live, your IT partner ought to check your website for compatibility with the present and preferred versions of the Browsers, Chrome, Safari, web someone, Firefox, etc. However, simply because it works these days doesn’t mean it’ll render or operate properly on future browser versions (or previous versions).

Why choose Headless WordPress

A Headless CMS can offer the liberty to focus solely on the front-end project, having the ability to settle on the technology we have a tendency to area unit aware of, and on the structure of our information. In the end, it takes care of the content management and also the content delivery, so we are able to watch out for the rendering half. 

A Headless CMS could be a system that has similar options as a Content Management System (CMS) and additional, all exposed through associate API.

Easily Migrate to Headless WordPress

Keeping in view all the drawbacks and limitations websites are being migrated from the traditional approach to modern headless WordPress

Having a headless WordPress website won’t solely provide you with freedom, security, and luxury, however also will improve the performance of your application. 

A Headless WordPress will assist you to extend your client engagement. As a lot of your business moves toward being digital, the importance of having the ability to quickly target all channels becomes important for each user’s expertise and SEO. Removing the requirement for an obsessive CMS team before you’ll be able to push updates implies that changes are a lot of possibilities to be created sooner, creating it easier for you to stay your website incorrect with all the opposite channels.

Our biggest warning for anyone considering migrating to a headless CMS is to create certain that your team is knowledgeable enough on the platform to troubleshoot any problems which may arise throughout the migration. The team ought to be capable of learning or ought to already realize the quirks of the recent platform being migrated from still.

Migrate from WordPress to headless WordPress

The easiest of all is moving the front end from WordPress to a static site generator using APIs. Your backend remains the same but the frontend gets enhanced with all the features and modern structure. As well as supporting cross-platform applications, it allows for keeping up whole consistency. 

Having the front-end as a base project and having multiple areas during a Headless WordPress, permits you to own consistency between your product and make it easier as a result of we’ve less code to keep up.

WordPress provides a default export functionality, it delivers files for importing to another WordPress website as the rendered HTML. The rendered content includes the iframe, and post metadata in the exported XML rather than in the text.

Fastvert is quick in converting your frontend to modern SSG, when you already have traditional WordPress in any design you can migrate to new technology without changing the design in a few hours. 

Migrate from other CMS to headless WordPress

Drupal, Joomla, Magento, or any other content management system, it doesn’t matter what you are using, you can move to headless wordpress.    

Some CMS maintains tools to import WordPress while others have community projects that help with the import process. A headless CMS provides an API that can be integrated with the WordPress API, most likely for a one-time import.

Migrate from other platforms to headless WordPress

Fed up with limitations attached to the monthly paid platforms like Squarespace and Webflow? Not satisfied with how Wix is performing? These platforms are providing no-code website development with unique templates, modern design, and easy online editors, with no installation and online customization, you are managing everything. 

Having several reasons to migrate to a modern stack and one-time payment with a lifetime free management, people migrate their websites using the same designs and it is absolutely a seamless process as your frontend design remains the same.


The great factor regarding this modern stack jamstack technology-based headless WordPress development is that, currently that you just don’t seem to be tied to monolithic application design, you’re liberated to explore, and also the web development options are so vast.  However, you’ll be able to leverage serverless functions to handle a number of the dynamic functions that were once likely handled by some type of plugin. Programming benefits especially for the developers tend to like the decoupled design of JAMstack and the freedom of using headless WordPress is an open-source platform.

The only place where the expertise will still want a bit of assistance is within the writing of content. Thankfully, Fastvert is serving to bring the content writing expertise using ease of WordPress and being a modern stack with static site generators.

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