Why should you move to headless WordPress for your website?

Your website is the business gateway, make it more efficient by changing it to the market requirements and visitor’s approach using headless WordPress Development. 

Today’s digital market and audiences demand more than just a simple website with several images, videos, and illustrations, with heavily increasing web traffic and online businesses creating a market-competitive website, is not easy. Every business wants its business to become a brand, with a unique identity, and a modern web existence to leave an enduring impact on the visitors and everyone in the industry. 

Every stakeholder looks at the website aligned to their own needs and perspective. The owner looks forward to higher sales, marketers look for higher conversion, content creators look for easier management, programmers look for clean code, and designers look for an epic modern design. While on the other hand, the visitors need a faster, easy-to-understand content based beautifully designed website. 

Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? You may wonder how you will be able to attend to the needs of everyone and match every requirement being a web development agency or a project manager or even an in-house development team.  

Website Development Options

There are several website development options in the market. The most traditional approach was using a simple CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc with a beautifully designed theme purchased from marketplaces like ThemeForest you can use any CMS and work on a website. There are several website builders like Squarespace, web-flow, and Wix providing end-to-end solutions to web development. You can also choose one of the web development agencies working internationally or in your area for custom design and development. 

The most emerging technology in web development is the modern Jamstack technology or headless CMS approach using static site generators for website development. This has also gathered some agencies, platforms, and developers together for enhancing the digital business. 

What is the headless CMS approach?

In simple words, headless CMS is the approach of developing a website using simple CMS like WordPress without any theme or design attached directly to it. In technical terms, a headless CMS approach like using headless WordPress is the approach of accessing the website content using web-service APIs, usually RESTful APIs or GraphQL APIs in a format like JSON.

Just imagine you are creating a website in WordPress, what steps will you be following? Just skip the step of choosing a theme on it and just go for creating pages and posts and adding content on the pages like heading, para, and image gallery of your choice. 

This means that;

  • The frontend and backend are handled separately. 
  • The frontend is based on static site generators like Gatsby and NextJS
  • Content is available on the headless CMS like Headless WordPress
  • The connection between the front and backend is built using APIs like GraphQL APIs. 

What are the benefits of a headless WordPress website?

Give a second thought before creating your website or migrating your website to modern technology. You will have several reasons for moving to a headless WordPress development approach and mainly to meet the needs of every stakeholder. 

Here are some of the key benefits of using this modern technology;

Performance benefits

The most important factor of the website is its access to those who are just looking for a service or product mentioned in it. This is only possible when your google service and websites appear on the first page where you click the top ones and land on a certain web page. 

This is the power of good SEO. 

Google has a certain schema for accessing a website and it is in terms of keywords in content, site structure, and more. 

The performance is further affected by good speed, the time a website takes to load in the user browser. Usually, the users leave the website if it takes longer than 3 seconds. Google ranks the websites higher if they are faster.  


The flexibility of omnichannel solutions allows businesses and content writers to focus on the content, rather than on how to deliver the content. Headless WordPress through omnichannel gives the ability to manage multiple contents to establish the intersection between brand and customer as a level of personalization.

Design and Development Freedom

The decoupled approach of web development using backend on headless WordPress and frontend on modern JS frameworks like ReactJS and static site generators like Gatsby and NextJS allows front and backend developers to independently work on a web project following the agile technology. 


The backend is based on headless WordPress which is not exposed to the frontend interacting with the frontend using the APIs. This makes it immune from SQL injections and hacking, making it highly secure. 


Since working on a decoupled approach using headless WordPress is an isolated development technology, you can enhance more features and extend your website easily without corrupting the existing structure. It is more organized and scalable.

Limitation of Headless CMS development approach

The modern approach with several businesses and IT benefits has limitations, it is sometimes expensive for individuals to get to this approach. Like they have to go to specific service providers and agencies who do it custom. 

This is also a time-consuming approach to website development, just imagine, you were creating a website using WordPress, it takes you one day. But if you choose to do it with headless WordPress, you have to hire a front-end developer, get the API integrated, and so on. 



The modern headless WordPress approach is the future of web development, it is a modern approach that provides several benefits. 

Why miss that chance of getting digital success? 

Fastvert has worked on not only the benefits of headless development using Jamstack technology but also made it easier and approachable with instant solutions of development. The fastest development on headless WordPress using the modern frontend you can trust us for a digitally acclaimed website. 

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